Prude Stash

My wife works hard for my medication and it never escapes me that while I’m here sitting in the soothing sun writing this here blog she is in a overstuffed lab selflessly advancing science for the bettering of mankind. The least I could do is try to be thrifty with my grass. The first step to becoming an economically responsible toker is to transition yourself over to a vaporizer. The health reason are numerous and that used vaporized weed can last way longer than ashes.

I have lived on each coast and several spots in between and I’ve learned from experience that keeping a Prude Stash is a must. Sometimes you need your medication and most of us are not as spoiled as I am in California where a fresh bowl is only a collective away. The name comes from the simple fact that if you are not willing to reheat used vaped weed than you are a prude and a prude and their money are not long for pairing.

There are several times when switching your bowl out early is necessary; It’s morning and there’s no way your are starting the day off with last nights heavy Indica, you’ve got company arriving and you want the full flavor of your strain to come shining through. Whatever the reason that grass has got tons of THC left in it. Do no throw that weed away! Get yourself a container and store it. When times are plentiful toss in a tiny pinch of green for flavor. In the end you’ll have a little something when money is tight or product is just not around which is always better than a whole lot of nothing.


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