Berry Haze

In tune with it’s Sativa roots Berry Haze demonstrated itself to be a dependable morning grass that eases your mind and gives you confidence in attempting to manage your day. A Vanilla flavor floods your tongue making for a nice  combination with your pre dawn coffee but beware as it will dissipate without any slow dulling and before you know it you’re flashing back  25 years to the day your older brother decided your breakfast would be a high fiber low calorie mouth full of earth, that‘s a taste you never forget.  The Good news is just pop a hard candy in your mouth and you‘ll be able to pull off a high for 2-3 pressings per whipful.

Accompanied  by a classic case of dry mouth was a hypnotic pulsing head that commanded my attention drawing thoughts away from what lay ahead towards sudden calm and willingness to cope. After 30 minutes under the influence of Berry Haze I was refreshed and filled with an energy usually reserved for after a workout. B.H. is a great match with physical activities such as pick up sports or hiking. Whatever environment you find yourself in you will experience a heightened appreciation for your surroundings.

Berry Haze Vaporizes between 200-240 degrees depending on how many pressings you are on and is composed of olive greens, amber oranges, and clear trichomes a plenty. If you are looking for pure pain relief go with a heavy Indica otherwise this strain should keep you happy enough to void your mind of any dull pains.


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