Bull Rider

Bull Rider –  Sativa-  vaporize at between 230-250. Within a  few minutes Bull Rider kicks into gear and gets you going. Three or four quality pulls and you are well on your way to an inspired, productive, and gratifying day. As aggressive as BR was I never felt like I needed a sit down or a few quiet moments to myself to get any thoughts straight so newcomers get your whips out and enjoy a top notch Sativa.

All my surroundings seemed to have had just a tad of extra pleasantries about them. The sun’s rays were warmer, the dog dung that awaited me in the yard only stunk to mid heaven, I made the calls I didn’t want to make, hell I even  mowed the lawn. It was truly a day filled with substance and pep.

Bull Rider has sap to light green buds with an occasional orange hair here and there all heavily covered in trichomes giving it a frosty veneer. I find it an ascetically satisfying strain. Its taste supplies a brilliant cilantro flavor that exudes an aura of freshness.

This is a great grass to use on days filled with running around or catching up.  Your mood should be grand enough that most daily aches and pains should be reduced a digit or two on the 1-10 pain meter.  One whip of Bull Rider will last 2-3 pressings each pressing should provide 8-10 pulls and an hour of top high. BR ranges from $45-55 an eighth making it a fantastic buy.


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