Pure Kush

Pure Kush: Indica Vaporizes between 230-250. We here in Southern California are not used to week long cloud cover, rain, and damp cold air. My back was begging for a hearty Indica to take away pain so pop went the cork on the Pure Kush.

True to a quality Indica PK provided a typical purple or as I like to call it cheap grape soda flavor.  After 5 quality pulls from my whip and 20 minutes my head was suddenly heavy and my eye lids softly asked for a little time off. Pure Kush delivers a nice steadily arriving punch and will calm your nerves and ease your pain by sending  your mind deep into the valley between the mountains of sleep and consciousness.

This strains main purposes seem to be rest and relaxation inducement.
There shouldn’t be any profound unseasoned toker mind wandering which makes this is a fine grass for novices as long as nobody is planning on finishing anything.

I really enjoyed slipping on my ear plugs and intimately listening to some of my favorite music. As much as I was enjoying the tunes, silence was indeed golden and I found myself lowering the volume which interestingly helped me focus on each individual instrument rather than the song as a whole.

One pressing of Pure Kush will last well into the 1 hour range before it’s effects begin to dull. You can expect to get 3 good pressings from one whipful without much drop off between pressings making Pure Kush a wise economic choice as well at between $50-$60 an eight. You are going to want to have a nice big glass of cold water with you as dry mouth will set in.

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