Super GDP


Super Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)

The holiday season has begun, Thanksgiving was here and gone and if you are like me you’ve already had enough back breaking cleaning for relatives too blind to tell the difference anyway, phone calls from people who swear you are an important constant figure in their lives which is why they always  call you this one time a year, and parents so dedicated to their children they will line up 16 hours in advance braving weather Noah himself would of requested a snow day off from just to make sure their kid gets a 1st pressing of  Lets All Cheer For Happiness by The Never Frowning Family. Well before it all gets just beyond what your bullshit meter can handle get your digits on some Super Grand Daddy Purple and you will discover after 4 pulls from your whip that things are indeed all right in the world. At least your tiny stoned bit anyways.

Only a minimal amount of time passed into my initial 4 pulls when I became aware of a sense of calmness usually reserved for extended meditation sessions held in isolation. I wasn’t worried about what the next few months would bring, aggravations stemming from hearing everyone else’s aggravations withdrew, and my aching body responded in tune with mind releasing all pains.

A luring scent leads your mind through a false setting of sunny meadows filled with rows of lavender and an endless supply of warmth. A short restful sleep sets in after about 45 minutes from toking making SGDP a great fit for insomnia and pain. I did find myself acclimating a bit to this grass, so if you plan on using SGDP for more than a few days in a row try putting a different strain into the rotation. One can expect to pay around $55 an eight for Super Grand Daddy Purple. Take time to enjoy all the purples and oranges in the compact bud but make sure not to nock off the delicately clumped together trichomes, try using chopsticks.


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  2. Tom says:

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