Grand Dad Kush

Grand Dad Kush (Indica)

To quote Steppenwolf “You know I’ve smoked a lot of grass” however this is the first time I’ve been matched with an Indica that is obviously into the transgender scene as everything I experienced toking Grand Dad Kush comes from a Sativa strain. I did some research just to make sure that it was labeled correctly and as far as I can tell GDK is indeed an Indica.

It was a night before filled with standing for hours which results in a rough next day when you have degenerate disc disease. The choices are slim if one is planning to get out of bed and be functional. Thankfully I live in California where a healthy natural option is only a short drive away. The gentle head palpitations that drew my focus away from my discomfort were a good first indication that my day was not going to be as crappy as first thought. Expecting typical Indica influences I suddenly found myself extremely chatty bouncing back and forth between rooms butting my nose into everyone else’s business trying to get involved in conversations which is not my style at all. I am much more apt to choose solitude over companionship when given the choice, even when not. I was no longer preoccupied on how I was going to be productive, now it was a matter of trying to focus on one accomplishment at a time. I would start the laundry, watch TV, bounce to Facebook, clean the kitchen, back to the TV and so. Needless to say performing neurosurgery or driving across country are not good fits while medicating with Grand Dad Kush.

GDK was not the longest lasting bud I have sampled. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the apex of your high before a fresh series of pulls become required. If you find yourself in a surrounding that does not provide easy access for medicating again this weed might not be the best fit.

Should you have time you don’t need to own and you are ready to laugh at yourself for finding 20 year old reruns of The Joe Franklin Show relevant for today’s times then by all means bang the bong with Grand Dad Kush. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for novices as the lack of ability to focus could seriously blow a mind.

GDK sells in the $40-$50 an 1/8 range and is composed of light greens, oranges, and cloudy trichomes.


3 Responses to Grand Dad Kush

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  2. Anonymous says:

    All the effects you described sound more like a saliva buzz. Indica will couch lock you if you medicate to heavily. Satires usually give a more energizing effect. However Grand daddy kush is definitely an indica hybrid.

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