Bubba O.G.

Bubba O.G. – Indica vaporizes between 250-270. This week it was my turn to take a phlegm coated ride on the virus merry go round. With headaches, constant tossing and turning to try and take away the ever shifting throbbing, and nausea it was time to make an emergency call to my old reliable and natural friend Heavy Indica.

After just a few sustained pulls from the whip and 10 minutes of time it dawned upon me that I was feeling better. No longer was I just a foggy mess of warm drippy fluids being consumed by his own self pity. The pounding head pain caused by repeated sneezing and coughing vanished. As you would expect my mood improved as I became relaxed and even functional. I was surprised medicating with a high caliber Indica didn’t make me want to pass out, perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that I felt so improved I just wanted to get even the fewest of things done. Trust me it wasn’t much.

Bubba O.G. is made up of light green dense buds integrated by green and orange hairs covered in delicate capitate-stalked trichomes. Remember try not to handle your grass in order to keep all those trichomes attached. I suggest using chopsticks and a 4 chamber grinder to catch all the separated pollen. The purple or grape soda flavor expected from an Indica is absent replaced with a remote pine forest flavor that absorbs into your taste buds leading your memory to reflect on past camping adventures.

Now I am not claiming I was over the virus by just inhaling some bud, but I can tell you that my misery was reduced by Ruthian proportions.

A whipful of B.O.G. will provide 8-10 pulls lasting well into the hour range. It would not be unusual to get 3-4 pressing per whipful.  Bubba O.G. sells in the $50-$55 an 1/8 range a fair price for a top shelf strain.

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    Would like to be a member??! Dont have computer…..only cell @ present! Can u help me out?? Very Interested!!

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