Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth (Hybrid 50/50)

Sweet Tooth establishes itself with a slightly sweet citrusy flavor becoming apparent within 3 or 4 whip pulls. There is a lag time of a proximally 15 minutes before S.T. fully infiltrates your senses but once the bud asserts it’s dominance over your physical and metal being giddiness and energy are abound with abundance.

I was told that my particular batch of this strain was a 50/50 hybrid however I’m more inclined to believe that the numbers must have been skewed higher toward the Sativa end because I was only interested in moving my feet about. Absent were  inclinations to do anything that wasn’t going to guarantee a good time. Selfish pleasure was the only item penciled in on my agenda. Oh yea, I was hungry too. Trips to the beach, hiking, and concerts all succeeded in being enhanced to smashing  proportions. I felt in tune with all surroundings as my brain seemed to accept an appreciation for everything noticed.

The ability to forget about my chronic back pain for a few hours was a sure inclination that there was definitely a respectable amount of Indica being absorbed. I am usually only able to stand up for 20 minutes at a time however scouting for a place to sit never became a concern. If you are in that much pain that Sweet tooth doesn’t provide you any relief then you should be home resting and medicating with a heavy Indica.

This grass is best suited for users with an experience level of at least moderate because of its lasting power and potency. You can expect a fresh pressing to last well into an hour and you should be able to squeeze 2 or three pressing from a whipful.

Sweet Tooth is composed of tight olive green buds wrapped in orange hairs smeared by both cloudy and clear trichomes and ranges in the $40-$50 an eighth range.


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