Starlight close upStarlight: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant) Though all vaporizers are different I found that Starlight vapes at a temperature range of between 220-235. This is not a particularly grand example of cannabis, in fact this may be the weakest bud I have consumed since I lived in Texas and had to buy south of the border brick weed. Now don’t get me wrong, there isn’t any pounding headaches, lamenting, or all day drag that accompanies cheap pot. The problems with Starlight are simple; it just isn’t that powerful and the high takes a bit of work to attain and maintain.  You can only really get 1 pressing with about 6 pulls from Starlight before it becomes necessary to refill your whip. You will need all 6 pulls to achieve any type of sufficient high.

Starlight supplies a head buzz that doesn’t dominate but will always let you know it’s around. A full whip will only last 20-25 minutes. These factors make this a good strain to recommend for beginners along with the curious who are seeking familiarity with the effects of marijuana for creative or relaxation reasons. If you are a chronic and need a bit of  relief before a meeting or airport pick up of your kid who just spent the summer with grandmother and is going to need a month of de-programming before he gets used to not being attended to 24/7 again a good fit.  I did get a tad hungry while medicated so best to bring a snack with you so you don’t wind up at an all you can eat rib joint. There is absolutely no redeeming value in Starlight for pain relief.

Starlight sells in the $40 an eight range and quite frankly that’s way too much. A more reasonable price would be $25. Even as a novice toker this stuff will have you repeatedly packing a freshy. Cerebral 4 Pain 0.


2 Responses to Starlight

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  2. Jack says:

    Who breeds this strain? I’m loving this blog.

    You should email me. I’d like to discuss a publication we’re working on.

    Email me at

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