Northern Lights

As a rule judging books by their cover will usually lead you to missing out on some pretty fabulous things in life and applying that proverb to marijuana is no exception. Looking at Northern Lights nothing stood out to me, no wowing vivid colors accompanied by sticky trichomes that make you feel guilty for fingering your bud when you know better and no robust smell that convinces you that driving 25 mph over the speed limit to get home 5 minutes faster so you can go to town on your new stash is well worth the risk. Honestly if NL wasn’t on sale I just might of skipped this herbage. Thank God I went with my cheap instincts because after about 6 pulls from the vaporizer Northern Lights’ first rate reputation certainly became more than validated.

Once fully heated a vanilla odor penetrates your olfactory system while the flavor creeps onto your tongue and down your throat providing more assistance on your ride to relaxation. An Indica dominate strain NL is best suited for nights after active days that have left you mentally and physically strained. If you are looking for quick pain relief or release from anxiety or insomnia and you are not planning on getting up for a few hours then this grass is a wonderful fit. My back shifted from pulsing pain being distributed from waist to ankles to comfort in about 20 minutes after toking. Any anxiety I was having went out the window faster than Bernie Madoff’s vacation plans. My brain no longer focused on pain was presented with the all illusive opportunity to ponder on the good things in life which literally turned my frown upside down and of course heightened my mood. Mind and back at ease I enjoyed a desperately needed quality nights sleep which of course aided in getting the next day started right.

A dose of Northern Lights in a vaporizer will last one person about 3-4 pressings before the taste becomes burnt making replacement a necessity. For severe pain I recommend medicating about once an hour but you may just find yourself asleep well before an hour passes. Remember to do what I do and save that used vaporized weed for future baked treats.

No matter your age or experience level as long as you are aware that Northern Lights is a powerful strain of marijuana designed to relax both body and mind simultaneously and you aren’t counting on getting too much done then this grass will not disappoint. Cerebral:7 Pain:9


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