Mendo Haze

Mendo Haze –  Hybrid (sativa dominate) Mendo Haze provides a wonderfully fun high brimming with energy and positive vibrations. A perfect grass for task completion whether pleasant or of the unappealing variety because of the aforementioned energy along with the fact that MD allows you to keep your wits about you. There is no lazy component to Mendo Haze, you are going to want to get up and be productive. Every time my brain was under the influence I sought no easy out and would remind myself that whatever particular unpleasant appointment that  lay head it just wouldn’t take that long or be that grueling. You will also not suffer from the famous munchies that reduce you to a slacked jawed mindless lump of duh staring inside your fridge debating whether you are better off gorging on the left over pizza now and saving the burritos for later or eating both now and swearing you’ll go to the store to buy salad fixings and won’t just order Chinese delivery for dinner.

This bud is not for seeking comfort from pain. While it is true that Mendo Haze will enhance your mood it won’t come close to helping you forget about that migraine or searing back pain. As far as an anxiety treatment goes MH has too much of a “Lets do it!!” force behind it, I just don‘t believe it will settle your mind enough to create calmness. Take advantage of the upbeat  tempo you’ll be keeping and get outdoors or finish those overdue side projects.

Mendo HazeThough all vaporizers are different I found that this strain required a slightly higher vaporizing temperature between 240-260. Due to this I would suggest removing the whip from your vaporizer in between pressings and stirring your pot before re-attaching to help keep from burning.

Mendo Haze will last one person approximately 2 vaporizer pressings with each lasting about 6 pulls. There is no way to squeeze one more quality pull out of MH. Much like the amusement park when the ride is over it’s over and it‘s time to move on. Remember to save your used vaped weed for baked goods!!

A chronic user will go through this herb pretty fast and you will have to apply some discipline to make your stash last. On special I paid $205 for an ounce and that seems fair considering the high turnover of product. If you are interested in purchasing a smaller amount the price hovers at around $50 and eight. A fairer price would be around $40 anything over that and I recommend spending $10 extra on a longer lasting grass with similar qualities if the means are available. Cerebral 7. Pain 0.


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