Odyssey Kush

Odyssey Kush – Hybrid (Indica Dominate)

After 4-6 pulls from a well packed whip you will start to feel the first signs of Odyssey Kush creeping into your system, a dry mouth and an inner body shiver felt in your head and extremities. When I went out and about the body buzz caused me a tad of paranoia as I felt people could tell I was standing out. A quick switch to sunglasses and I was again in a comfort zone.

For an Indica dominate hybrid O.K. ignites a mighty mental marathon from within. There simply was no respite from thought however focusing on one muse at a time was not an issue. I was putting thoughts together so rapidly that I had to switch to a voice recorder rather than pen and pad due to the fact that it was just impossible to write as fast as my thought process was churning. I have been vaporizing this strain in the mornings as I find it helps me organize and prioritize my day. When this strain starts to weaken you may become sluggish or drowsy. If you find this hard to shake off or just not ready to take a nap try a cold drink or short walk.

Odyssey Kush consist of lime green dense buds littered with orange tentacles sprouting trichomes so numerous that any attempt to count them would be as productive as trying to get Gandhi to take a swing at Mother Teresa for hogging all the cable news camera time.

This is a great grass for reading or creating as you will find yourself focused and chock full of ideas which also aids in forgetting about any pain you may be experiencing. One can expect a whip of O.K. to provide 3 pressings lasting about an hour each. This ganja runs between $45-55 and eight which is a fair price considering its lasting power and offerings.

3 Responses to Odyssey Kush

  1. JenWejbe says:

    Vary vary nice! Id like 2 try some!

  2. OG Potstar says:

    That looks fantastic and with a description that say’s: “great grass for reading or creating” would lead me to believe that the Sativa qualities to this hybrid strain really stand out. I like Indica dominant strains for the best of both types it just depends on if I’m killing pain one bowl at a time or treating my stress levels one bowl at a time.
    In either case, the flavor is important as well as the medicinal benefits so I would like to sample this strain. I’ll be watching for it on the club menus, thanks for the review.

  3. OG Potstar says:

    Interesting name too BTW

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