Book Review: Marijuana Smokers Guidebook

photoMarijuana Smokers Guidebook is written by Matt Mernagh, the only Canadian who has been found legally exempt from Canada’s cannabis laws meaning he is the only person in Canada allowed to legally grow and enjoy his own grass. He suffers from a brain tumor, Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, and is a prominent cannabis activist. You can find more on Matt on his website.

The book offers reviews of what the author deems are the 150 most popular strains in North America such as Jack Herer, Master Kush, and Chem Dawg. Certainly 150 is a large selection of weed and chances are you will find a review of at least a few of the strains available at your local pot stop. However, I was disappointed that the list did not include a few of my favs typically available in SoCal, God’s Gift and Blue Dream. Each of Matt’s review includes a brief description of what kind of high to expect, the best time of day and environment to medicate, and flavor to expect. Intermittently a review will include a line about lineage.

Books like Matt’s are a must if the medical marijuana movement is to be taken seriously. It serves as a valuable resource for both novice and chronic alike. Matt starts at the beginning: understanding the differences between Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids “Indicas are great at managing my chronic pain levels, but they zap the creativity out of me.” Chockfull of useful tidbits, the introduction delves into such discussions as how to tell if your dealer is selling you great ganja and why never to store your weed in plastic baggies. More astute stoners will enjoy reading about how to tell if your marijuana has been sprayed for taste or weight along with some helpful hints on how to moderate your cannabis consumption, if you are interested in such stuff.

Matt’s big goal in writing this review guide is to educate users on the different effects of various strains so that individualized medicinal treatment with marijuana is accomplished. “To receive the most benefit from med buds, patients need to know what they’re medicating with. Various strains provide different effects and some may provide better relief than others.”

Marijuana Smoker’s guidebook is published by Green Candy Press and can be found at Headshops, Amazon, and bookshops.


2 Responses to Book Review: Marijuana Smokers Guidebook

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  2. Thank you for the kind words! Fair comment on missing some of SoCal strains. I’ll do better next time in my strain hunt.

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