Hello my name is Flash Rosenstein and I have been medicating with marijuana for over 20 years.

Not too long ago woman could not vote in the USA. Once humans thought the world was flat. There was even a time when rock and roll was proclaimed a fad. It’s my belief that a generation from now people will categorize marijuana prohibition as ridiculous as those other calamities of history.

When traveling I’m tired of sending cryptic emails and leaving silly phone messages littered with 8th grade terms for weed just to ensure that my pot will be waiting. I’m sick of side door handshakes to collect my grass. I’m fed up with being made out a criminal, a drug addict, a supporter of terrorism, a slacker, and an overall drag on society just because I use marijuana.

The time is now for people like me and you to come out of the grow closet and let the public know that citizens who have successful careers as lawyers, professors, writers, LAN administrators, retail salespeople, librarians, chefs, politicians, athletes, and kindergarten teachers are out there. 25,35,85, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, White, Latino, Black, Asian, every person covered under nature’s wonderful rainbow from all classes and communities toke and are mesmerized by the wonderful powers of natural marijuana.

This website is dedicated to all of us who are proud to use marijuana and are no longer willing to live hiding behind a closed door with a towel covering the bottom. No longer will we sit silently while our fellow users are locked away and fired. Our time is now. Rise up and be a proud marijuana user because pot is ALLLL RIGHT!!


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