Kim Khronic: Hemp Con L.A.

During the weekend of April 1st-3rd a line of stoners, hot chicks, medical patients, business associates, and entertainers of all ages stood outside the check in line of L.A.‘s Hemp Con. Smiles and anticipation spread across faces , only one tedious bag check stood in the way of them and one of L.A.’s greatest trade shows.

Inside show goers were greeted with rows of booths that carried stoner paraphernalia ranging from pipes to bongs, shirts to ash trays, and grinders to cannabis education. Handing out cards and flyers these booths catered to many of the needs of casual and medical smokers and glass/hemp/growing enthusiasts, providing a path for anyone who was interested in the community and cannabis culture. Over the course of the weekend the show was filled with educational seminars about growing, legal action, tinctures, edibles and 420 humor. However what sealed the deal was the concerts performed by Fishbone, Year of the Dragon and Ziggy Marley .Great music, food, buds, friends and good tidings made this show a very memorable experience for everyone.

On Saturday at the peak of Hemp Con’s festivities the most mind enticing, ecstasy building odor seeped in through the back door from the “official” medicating area. Posted in front of this door was a large white sign reading “NO SMOKING” in giant red letters; however just behind it the scene begged to differ. After a slight confrontation between a group of patients and  power hungry security guards the unofficial medicating area was born. Flocking for the patio and turning the back door into what seemed like a revolving one, smokers joined together to spark up, share a bowl, and enjoy the beautiful sun that was seeping through Southern California’s cloud cover…or was it just our green haze?

Ranging from all ages and stemming from different interests, the crowd and its diversity filled the convention center. Everywhere you turned something new was happening and if there was a dull moment it was due to someone busy packing the next bowl or rolling the next blunt. Hemp Con not only brought out the stoners hiding in the different corners of California, this weekend brought a community together; a community of people that is not commonly grouped together on a daily basis. Through music, food, and peace of mind, Hemp Con and Mary Jane herself brought the diversity that California has to offer together to create a moment of peace, a moment of true happiness, and a moment of true success for the cannabis community.

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