Review: Black Kush – Indica

Lets face it turning on the news these days can be less than calming to the nerves. You’ve got earthquakes, tsunamis, the threat of endless hostilities, and a debate over the US economy that makes The Cold War look like the 60’s peace movement. What’s a fella to do? While obviously cannabis is not the answer for everybody the Black Kush I recently purchased certainly tamed my stress and helped relieve any anxieties I have over mankind’s future if not before taxing my sanity.
It took a good eight pulls from my trusty  whip to kick things into gear. The first signs of cannabis infiltration were a slight cough that never amounted to much more than that and a head that felt like it was wrapped up with a handkerchief just a tad too tightly. Remember Bugs Bunny cartoons when a character had a tooth ache? That’s what I am talking about. I also experienced a slight heart rate increase, nothing that would compare with staring down a rabid Deacon Jones, but none the less a bit uncomfortable for about 20 minutes.
Like I mentioned I have been at unease due to world and personal events and initially my mind decided to take me on a mental walkabout scarier than a single engine plane trip through the Andes in the middle of a once every 500 year fog event with the entire flight crew battling dysentery. Thoughts were manic and the topics profound including where I am in my life, how I got here, what worked, mistakes, and where in the name of Hades Heat was I going. It became a nightmarish conversation, a self imposed mental beat down that challenged my core values and faith in mankind. I believe I came out of it a better and more honest man within. I don’t know if my thoughts were influenced by the Black Kush or imbedded by my two talks in four days with Henry Hemp who tends to drift towards conversations dealing with fate, compassion, and confidence. I should say I listened to Henry, one does not say much when with Mr. Hemp. That’s ok the world needs talkers as well as listeners.
To the point, I was deluged with mental activity and not all of it positive but if you are honest with yourself and constantly remember you are on a drug you’ll pull through just like I did. If you are new to cannabis I suggest starting on something a little less thought provoking.
After my inner inquisition mental multitasking was transitioned into quite effortlessly as I easily juggled phone calls, writing notes, and thoughts without frustrations or aggravations. Even the nippy turd sized neighbor’s dog who wouldn’t stop whining did not suspend the flow of thought or pen. Trying to do anything physical was a different story. I felt like Stephen Hawkins, my mind was swift, clear, and capable but my body was just unwilling. If you are in need of physical relaxation while not wanting to shut down your brain immediately then Black Kush makes for a nice recommendation. After a couple of hours the body convinced the mind it was time for a snooze.
One can expect a whipful to last about 3 pressing and assume up to 8 pulls per pressing will do the trick. After about an hour and a half a steep decline in affects will take place. Black Kush offers a dull fresh cut grass smell as well as flavor and a low number of visual trichomes. I paid $50 for a ¼ of BK and for that price it really is hard to go wrong.

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