Toke On This

Hello my name is Flash Rosenstein and I medicate with marijuana on a daily basis. I have been medicating for over 20 years and a daily user for the last 18. The time is now for people like me and you to come out of the grow closet and let the public know that citizens not interested in doing any “hard drugs” who have successful careers as lawyers, professors, writers, LAN administrators, retail salespeople, librarians, chefs, politicians, athletes, and kindergarten teachers are out there. 25,35,85, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, White, Latino, Black, Asian, every person covered under nature’s wonderful rainbow from all classes and communities toke and are mesmerized by the wonderful powers of natural ganja. Pot is safe and is impossible to overdose on which leaves brilliant statistics and facts like; more people have died from using a car than from hitting the vaporizer and unlike other drugs marijuana users don’t clog up our emergency rooms and recovery centers. The final days of marijuana prohibition are fast approaching and why not California first? As goes California so goes the nation. 
With that said marijuana is a drug and it should always be controlled and taxed. Just like alcohol and tobacco two legal drugs more addictive and toxic than grass, marijuana should not be used by children or while on the job by professionals in industries such as pilot or bus driver. 
Right now the Federal Government’s policy on marijuana is simple: it’s illegal. The U.S. spends billions of dollars to support the pot war, still marijuana remains readily available for anyone who wishes to purchase it making gangs and war lords rich with our states lost taxes, keeping our ready to work unemployed, and filling our prisons with non violent people like me and you who just want to sit peacefully and medicate. 
 Taxing and regulating marijuana along with growing hemp are grand solutions to our budget woes. It will create jobs in an already bursting medical marijuana industry and help our farmers stay busy with a new cash crop. 
The time of legal weed is coming and I’m here to help. Each week I’ll be answering your emails, reviewing marijuana collectives and explain the different strains, trichomes, and all the incredible ways to consume THC. It isn’t just for smoking anymore. I’m also interested in your tricks and tips. What’s your favorite strain, recipe, or collective? 
Finally I leave you with but 2 of histories greatest marijuana users: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. 

About GHG

I enjoy long walks off short piers.
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